Overseas Pakistanis Issues

Overseas Pakistanis Issues

Despite of long struggles from Overseas Pakistanis from UK, UAE, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Europe and Australia, they are still facing injustice, unfair delay, discriminatory treatment and insecurity in Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis are facing insecurities in 6 Major Areas:

Property Possession and unfair demand

Overseas Pakistanis (OP) work hard and save money to buy their own home in their homeland. Unfortunately, the property societies and their developers, import unfair and deceiving terms in the contracts at the time of giving their plots on instalments. Upon completion of instalments from OP, they do not get their plots possession on grounds. Thier plots are sometimes only documented on papers and thus OP do not receive their real estate for many years. This leaves them disappointed and discouraged and they lose their hope to build their own first home.

Overseas Investment

When after long struggles and by giving extra possession demand money to societies, it comes to invest money on developing OP properties, the developers, construction companies, Architectures, and tranders enter into unfair terms of agreements and misrepresentations in dealing with construction. Those bodies are rarely authorise and regularised by the Government, and the Govenment sometimes fail to impose sancations against incompetent, unlicensed, and arrogant so called professionals.

In result, they keep taking money from OP who are sitting abroad and working hard and have no access to progress portal or regulatory portals to complaint against these so called professionals, who fail to deliver to OP even after taking hadsome amount of money. They fail to deliver, they fail to reporta back and they fail to comply with their own minimum standrad of services expected from them in return of OP inv z n

Lack of effective resolution platform

Prime Minister Of Pakistan has tried to create Overseas Portal Complain System but that is eneffective too. Many complaints are still unhandled. OP receive so called notification of progress but material complaint remains unresolved. More effective platform should be setup to speedup result and outcomes of OP complaints.

Lack Of Inclusion Women in Politics

Overseas Women are not being included so far in the politics and process of handling the matters in a fairer and speedy way. Many overseas women are facing issues in Pakistan including taking their children custody from overseas courts when they are separated from their husbands. Their financial interests in overseas and representation through High Commission. Overseas Pakistani Women face domestic violence and do not have the right support at the right time.

They face visa issues when they reach in Pakistan as their husband withdraw visa from the Home Office. There are number of issues where they are married to Overseas Pakistani National but never join their families in Overseas Countries. Recently, communication has taken place with many overseas women to highlight their issues at the right platform but practically Governement Of Pakistan should take steps towards the reforms in that area.

Lack of access to Justice

When it comes to civil litigation or criminal proceedings against the culprits in Pakistan, OP do not get speedy justice system and the right directions to get Justice fromt he authorites, which leave them disheartened from their own land of Birth.

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