Human Rights Applications

  1. Your passport copy, proof of address, email contact details,
  • Passport copies for your family members in the UK and their proof of addresses, and short descriptions what is your relationship to them,
  • Evidence Of Disability Or Health Issue,
  • Letter from Family and Friends to provide you Financial Support and Accommodation,
  • Evidence of Ongoing of Expenses, and how much you are receiving,
  • Bank statement if you have one showing the less savings,
  • Eviction letter explaining why you will be homeless shortly,
  • Proof of relationship if you are/were married to somebody, or birth certificate if you have children,
  • Evidence from home country‚Äôs situation if there is threat to security or risk of persecution, such as police reports, MP letter,
  1. Country report showing the medical and financial condition of the country,
  1. Letter regarding your family condition in back home country, explaining why they will not support you or accept you, any advertisement of notice to public for non-relationship,
  1. Letter showing your affiliation to any friends, family to the UK explaining if you are helping someone or contributing to social events/causes,
  1. Previous refusals/decisions and applications as well as statements given to the Court and to the Home Office Since you entered in the UK.

Grounds for Consideration:

  1. Asylum,
  2. Humanitarian Protection,
  3. Human Rights Convention,
  4. Private Life and Discretionary Leave outside the immigration rules.