Business Immigration UK

Business Immigration UK

You can apply in multiple way for your business immigration UK including setting up your new business, setting up your branch of already running business , innovative visa, and investor visa.

Overseas Business Visa

Overseas business visa is set up for those who are senior employee of their company and earn more than £60,000 yearly gross income. Applicant’s employer agrees to setup a branch in the UK and send their employee to manage their business. For this purpose you can get UK settlement visa for you and for your family.

Setting up new business and visa settlement

When you have new ideas and fresh graduates from universities, and has passed English Test for UK Visa, you can set up new business in the UK and get settlement visa for your self and for your family. You do not have to have £50,000 for this visa and for those who are students in the UK they can switch to this category too.

Innovative Visa

When you are running your business and want to move and shift to the UK with new ideas, you can get visa settlement under this route for yourself and for your family. The main requirements are to have innvative ideas and market research in your business and English Test.

Investor Visa

When you have money in your bank account and you want to invest in UK business or in UK property. You can apply permanent settlement for your self and for your wife too including dependent children.

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