Supreme Court Pakistan Vs Chief Army Staff

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Protest and Politics

Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan Leader of PTI Party has declared public protest against the present Government believing that Supreme Court of Pakistan will give directions to institutions including Chief Of Army Staff not to interfere into their protests. This protest is declared due to the reason of suspicion conspiracy against the State Of Pakistan by the present Government. He asked the public to come out of their homes and work places and reach to the Capital city Islamabad to pressurise the current Government to dissolve the parliament and declare the date of General elections soon. Imran Khan also asked the Army of Pakistan not to interfere and to stay neutral in this situation so that they can achieve their outcome by power of public.

Rule Of Law and Rule Of Judiciary

This is being said by PTI party other leaders that they will contact the Court if any restrictions are placed in way of their public protest because they think that it is their democratic right to do so. However they did not think that by doing this the State Of Pakistan will weaken further. This will be tough time for the Judiciary as well to maintain law and order situation as there will be risk of Pakistan’s economy and Pakistan Security instability. Any institution and any stakeholder would have the duty to protect the Economy of Pakistan and Public Of Pakistan. Without these consideration it will be breach of their own oaths of their designations.

Impact On Public and Pakistan

The public of Pakistan will suffer financially, physically and internationally due to these protests, lack of decisions by Government, and undue interference of Judiciary into Pakistan Politics.

General Elections Of Pakistan

General elections are to be held constitutionally after every five years, however unfortunately Government of Pakistan do not complete their five years and therefore there are instability in running Government democratically and strongly. This tine of the tenure PTI Leader Imran Khan should wait until this Governement comnpletes its tenure upto five years as early elections may weaken the economy further.

Role Of Pakistan Army

Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the Army of Pakistan to stay neutral during their protest against the present Governement due to suspicion of conspiracy against Pakistan and against the Institution of Ex Government of Pakistan. The Court will also have powers to make restraint order against any institution including Chief Of Army Staff to not to interfer during this process of protest. There semm to be deadlock between the institutions including Parliamentarians, Prime Minister Of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif, Cheif Of Army Staff, and the Juiciary Of Pakistan where there should be balance of powers and no body should be above the law nd constitutionary powers.

Role Of Judiciary

It is difficult to judge whether there is rule of Law or Rule Of Judiciary in Pakistan. some people are alleging that even Judiciary is going beyond their constitutional powers or common law principles. Previously, the Judges have decided and restored the assembly and showing power over the Prime Minister Imran Khan. Recently, the Judiciary is of the opinion to limit the power of Army through giving green signals for the protest being organised by PTI Tehreeke Insaaf.

Role Of Political Parties

Political parties and elected public representative does not seem to have an authority to pass any further movement or legislation in the interest of national policies and security as the present Government is elected with one vote majority and thus a weak parliament can be seen where the National Assembly members would not have any powerful say. On the other hands many elected members are alleged to change their principles and values by leaving their commitments to their own political parties.

Role Of Government

Present Government of Shahbaz Sharif seems to be under pressure of their previous cases and potential conviction and Jail if they do not follow instructions of powerful institutions of Pakistan such as “Army and the Judiciary” and thus their capability of running the Government is being compromised due to the pressure of their previous corruption cases. Government can not run effectively the matters of Governement. This Governement seems to be a puppet in the hands of other powerful institutions and therefore no balance can be seen between three pillars of constitution including political parties, Government institutions and the Judiciary.

Internal Conflict of Institutions

It seems that there is internal conflict of power between the institutions and every institution is gaining control over the Parliament whereby Parliment should have the superemacy to amend any legislation and implementation. It seems that the Army and the Courts are getting involved in political decision rather than playing their own role within their jurisdiction.

Internal Challenges

Pakistan is facing many challenges including inflation in buying the commodity, insecurity and lack of independent decision making by the Governement, uncertainty about protection and foreign investment, and overall public health and living standard.

External Challenges of Pakistan

Not only Pakistan will face internal challenges with undue influence of institutions over Government but also will face external challenges including lack in trading powers internationally, Rupees value decreasing, international forign policies, overseas investment, security threats from the international borders, and lack of recognition internationally.

Way Forward and Solution

Many people are suggesting that Ex Prime Minister should patiently wait until the Next Elections to avoid from instability, insecurity and inflation in the Country. By the next elections, all parties will have the chances to be elected by the public. Given the fact that PTI does have their good say in public so it will not be difficult for them to win the majority.

Future Of Pakistan

If there have been wrong decisions, pressurised decisions or lack of independent decisions there are chances that the Government will keep making wrong decisions which will bring more inflation, lack of progress, and lack of Power in Pakistan, and ultimately the public will suffer. Previous Government has issued health cards to every family to receive free health treatmentment upto 10 lacs rupees which the current Government has eradicated which is not in the best interest of Public.